15/32 Photos of Hope Solo

15/32 Photos of Hope Solo







So I saw the first picture on my dash and could not be more repulsed/motivated.  Repulsed because the ideologies in the first photo are wrong —you don’t destroy yourself to be happy.  You improve yourself.  Depriving your body and your soul of nutrients and fuel gets you nowhere.  

Then, I was motivated to make the bottom picture.  So many people have helped me become who I am today.  I too, once used the top photo as “thinspiration”.  I then learned that harming yourself is not the answer to anything.  If I learned anything from this process, it’s to remain true to myself.  Feeding myself and fueling myself with positive thoughts got me as far as I am today.  Not negativity or body shaming.

woooo you go girl

Thank you for this!

Best thing ever! THANK YOU!

But also eat whatever you want and burn as little fat as you want??? Fitspo can be just as fucked up and annoying as thinspo so….

#get yr fatshame out of my face

o srry i didn’t realize me saying “be more u” was considered fat shaming my bad